We use proven recipes and fresh ingredients

Not just a pizza...but a pizza made with passion using only the finest ingredients. It all starts with our homemade pizza dough crafted with Mediterranean sea salts, organic sugar, fresh eggs & finely milled flour.

Our Pizza sauce is lightly seasoned with just a hint of basil & oregano complimenting the finest Californian grown tomatoes. Baked in a traditional stone oven our pizza is sure to please.

Mancinis Pizza Story

We spent endless hours mixing, kneading, baking and taste testing flour mixes before finally arriving at our signature pizza dough recipe. Our Pizza Sauce is created with only the very best sun ripened Californian Tomatoes with just a hint of basil and spice.

Our selection of meat toppings speaks to our commitment to our product, using only the finest dry cured pepperoni , real bacon , roasted chicken with every piece of our spicy Italian sausage still cut by hand.

All of our pizzas are crafted by hand and baked to perfection in our stone ovens. Our passion is our Pizza for everyone to enjoy!

The key to a great pizza are four ingredients

We use the Freshest Ingedients





Get to know our tastiest proposals


Fresh Mozzarella, Fresh Basil, Cherry Tomatoes, and and a sprinkle of Tunisian Olive oil.


Real Bacon, Ham & Pineapple

Chicken Alfredo

Signature Alfredo Sauce Base, Chicken, Fresh Broccoli and Fresh Mushrooms

Spicy BBQ Chicken

BBQ Sauce Base, Chicken, Hot Peppers and Red Onions

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